Best Pathologist in Lahore Pakistan - Dr. Farhan Rasheed

In Dr. Farhan Rasheed’s diagnostic center, you will find the best pathologist in Lahore. Dr. Farhan Rasheed is the best pathologist in Lahore. Dr. Farhan Rasheed is a well-known name in the field of pathology around the country. A pathologist is a doctor of pathology who study the cause and nature of any illness.

best pathologist in Lahore

Dr. Farhan Rasheed is an Associate professor of Pathology. He is currently working at Allama Iqbal medical college Lahore. After obtaining his M-Phil Microbiology degree from Lahore University of Health Sciences, he also received FCPS training from Combined Military Hospital in Lahore. He also practiced Pathology at Health Bridge Hospital.

Why Dr. Farhan Rasheed is known as the best Pathologist In Lahore?

Dr. Farhan Rasheed is a famous and well-known name in the field of Pathology. His name lies in the top pathologists of the country. While acquiring his degree, he got a golden chance of getting trained by the best trainers from different hospitals like CMH Lahore, Armed Forces Institute Rawalpindi, and also Gulab Devi Hospital Lahore. A pathologist is also known as the doctor of doctors as they diagnose the disease using body fluids and tissue samples.

Dr. Farhan Raheed has written more than 20 Research papers that were published in different journals including International journals after he presented them at different national and international conferences.

Moreover, good pathologists must have some traits to experiment in their field, and fortunately, Dr. Farhan Raheed possesses all the traits like;

  • Board Certified
  • Good communication skills
  • Mentally and physical stability
  • Teamwork, means possessing the ability to work with the team
  • Integrity
  • Sense of curiosity
  • Professionalism
  • Care for the patient by providing accurate information to the doctor

What is Pathology and who is the best Pathologist in Lahore?

The simple and accurate meaning of Pathology is the study of disease. Pathology is also defined as the basis of all clinical medicines.

Dr. Farhan Raheed is the best pathologist in Lahore who is working at Allama Iqbal general hospital. He is a master’s in Bacteriology and Mycology. A pathologist is trained in both clinical and anatomical pathology which makes them the best board certified.

What does a Pathologist do?

A pathologist is a physician who diagnoses your disease before the doctor and then makes the doctor aware of the disease for better treatment. A pathologist uses the body fluids and tissues to understand the disease. He also uses laboratory tests to monitor the health of the patient.

Why is a pathologist known as the doctor of the doctor?

The reason for this is that a pathologist diagnoses your disease and makes it easy for your doctor to treat you. Furthermore, he also helps you to take steps or preventative measures for better health and to avoid any serious illness. Most people are not much aware of pathologists, mostly in Pakistan.

The reason is that we visit our primary doctor for the treatment and he recommends us some tests and after that some medication that we follow and get cured. But the major science lies behind it. When we move to any laboratory or diagnostic center, we provide our body fluid or tissue samples, but a pathologist creates a complete report about the disease that our doctor follows and recommends us the medicine accordingly.

A pathologist is the only person who thoroughly studies the tissue to diagnose whether it is a sign of cancer or a rare occurrence. Similarly, the blood of the patient is drawn, and he thoroughly examines the blood to magnify the issue.

Moreover, Pathologists also do the autopsy of the dead to identify the cause of the death and also to find the genetic progression of the disease. The autopsy also proves helpful for the families to take preventive measures for their health and it also helps the families in the treatment of their future developing diseases.

Best Pathologist in Lahore at Health Bridge Diagnostic Centre

A great news for the people of Lahore. Dr. Farhan Rasheed has now introduced his diagnostic center and named it Dr. Farhan Rasheed Diagnostic center. Here all the biopsies and blood tests are done under the supervision of Dr. Farhan Rasheed. You will get accurate results and diagnoses of the diseases which will help you with your treatment.

 The best Pathologists identify the disease and cause of the disease that helps the primary doctor to refer medical methods for the treatments. When a pathologist comes through a report, it is not just a piece of paper for him. He clearly monitors the report, identifies the issue, and what is the major cause of this issue like if a person has a damaged tissue, he identifies the cause that damaged the tissue. He also refers the preventive measures to prevent further such mishaps.

Dr. Farhan Rasheed is the best Pathologist in Lahore. If you are living in Lahore and looking for the best diagnostic center then you must visit Dr. Farhan Rasheed Diagnostic center for a better understanding of your illness.